What Personal Qualities Should A Painter Have?

Quite often, the work of a painter is associated with high-altitude work, so a representative of this profession should not be afraid of heights, have good physical fitness and coordination of movements. Also, a true professional in his field must have such personal qualities as:

  • accuracy;
  • artistic taste;
  • good eye;
  • patience;
  • concentration;
  • attentiveness.

Also, a painter must know the features and properties of a wide variety of building materials, paints, and mixtures, have the skills to work with special equipment and painting tools, understand all the dangers of direct contact with paints and varnishes and chemicals that are harmful to health.

The Benefits Of Being A Painter

The main advantage of the profession of a painter is its relevance and internationality. The services of painters are always needed everywhere, so such specialists can easily find work far beyond its borders. It should be noted that, based on which painters are educated in educational institutions, the training program, as a rule, provides for obtaining parallel education in other construction specialties. Most often, painters have the opportunity, already in the process of work, to choose the specialty that is closest or better paid to them.

Another undoubted advantage of this profession is the possibility of earning additional income. Indeed, in addition to performing work duties at the main place of work, a painter can provide services privately to the extent that he can and wants to perform.

Disadvantages Of The Profession Of A Painter

Speaking about the disadvantages of a painter’s profession, it is necessary to note the harmful working conditions. Therefore, this work is categorically contraindicated for people prone to allergic reactions and diseases of the respiratory system, digestive and cardiovascular systems. Even a healthy person working as a painter runs the risk of acquiring a kiss “bouquet” of chronic diseases, especially if he neglects safety measures.

Another disadvantage of this profession is the rather low (especially compared with harmful working conditions) level of remuneration. On average, a qualified painter working in a large city receives about 20-30 thousand rubles. Naturally, in the outback, the salaries of such specialists are even lower. At the same time, quite often, customers seek to save on materials and therefore purchase paints and varnishes of not the highest quality, further increasing the risk of deteriorating the health of painters. Also, it should be noted that the painter spends almost all his working time on his feet, and sometimes in a very uncomfortable position.