Professional Development Of A Painter


Painter is a construction profession whose specialists paint buildings, residential and industrial buildings, and other structures. This procedure has not only decorative value but is also necessary to protect materials from external environmental influences.

In their labor activity, these workers in Roseville CA use various equipment and tools: brushes, rollers, spray guns. Their choice depends on the surface to be painted. It is also necessary to be able to choose the right paint, given its performance characteristics.

Often, the tasks of the painter-plasterer are performed at height. Therefore, specialists must know the safety rules perfectly.

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How to become a painter of the highest category? To do this, you must have knowledge and skills in:

  • painting surfaces covered with putty, primer;
  • grinding;
  • preparation for varnishing;
  • leveling surfaces with putties;
  • elimination of defects;
  • drawing letters and numbers using stencils;
  • cleaning from corrosion;
  • preparation of dyes, primers, putties.

The employer usually gives preference to job seekers of the highest category. To improve their qualifications, specialists must regularly undergo training.

Who Is This Program For?

Anyone over 18 years of age is invited to study for a painter with advanced training, provided that they have at least secondary vocational education and the absence of medical contraindications.

The courses can be useful for the following groups:

  • working in their specialty, if the existing certificate has lost its relevance;
  • applicants wishing to get a job at an enterprise in the relevant specialty or as a master;
  • employees preparing for certification;
  • specialists to increase the discharge of the painter.

Duration And Form Of Study

How much to study as a painter – depends on the initial level of the group. The length of the course may vary depending on the needs of the trainees. See recommendations from these Roseville CA painters.

Traditionally, classes are held in person for groups of ten or more. Some of the lecture material can be given out through webinars. Such distance learning, in some cases, allows you to combine work and training.

The schedule is compiled for each stream individually. About him, as well as the duration of individual lessons, it becomes known before the start of training.

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Refresher Course Completion Document

After completing the theoretical and practical part of the program, students take a qualifying exam. Those who successfully pass the test receive a certificate. This document makes it possible to:

  • get a job in your specialty;
  • continue to work in your place by the standards;
  • increase the discharge;
  • successfully pass the next certification events.

Get The Necessary Knowledge In The Specialty “Painter.”

Becoming A Painting Contractor

The painter’s specialty is complex, requiring physical health, but at the same time, it is well paid and is one of the most demanded in construction. In the painter’s profession, there are many opportunities for career growth; there would be a desire to improve their educational and professional level.

You can take training in the specialty of a painter or improve your qualifications. Our company offers various distance learning courses, depending on the specialist’s skill level and the needs of the organization. The training program is based and developed based on the Institute for Industrial Safety Professional Training.

You can study on your own or get a referral from your organization. In the second case, all costs are borne by the employer.

Practice shows: the higher the skill level of the painter, the higher the company’s income, since he can perform more complex work using modern technology.

Our Painters Accreditations

With our help, you can remotely take training courses, retraining, or advanced training in the specialty “painter” in Shchelkovo, which are based on the Institute for Professional Training of Industrial Safety.

There are three options for training painters:

Training of new specialists

Fast and high-quality training of specialists who can compete with experienced craftsmen

Retraining of specialists

The ability to update and standardize your knowledge by the latest requirements from the state


The opportunity to improve your qualifications with the most convenient training schedule, without stepping back from your job duties

How to sign up for distance courses for painters

The learning process begins with the submission of a complete package of documents in electronic form. In this case, you need to present the following documents:

  1. Application.
  2. A copy of the diploma.
  3. An extract from the workbook or a copy of it to confirm the length of service.

Choosing the center, you get the benefits of cooperation:

  • affordable prices;
  • the opportunity to receive up-to-date information on the methods of work of painters using modern technology;
  • tight deadlines for issuing material;
  • the ability to combine training with work.

The higher the skill level of the painter, the more difficult the job he can perform. And suppose you send your employees to refresher courses. In that case, this has a positive effect on their opinion about the organization, which reduces the risk of dismissal of employees of their own free will and increases the profit of your company.…

What Personal Qualities Should A Painter Have?

Quite often, the work of a painter is associated with high-altitude work, so a representative of this profession should not be afraid of heights, have good physical fitness and coordination of movements. Also, a true professional in his field must have such personal qualities as:

  • accuracy;
  • artistic taste;
  • good eye;
  • patience;
  • concentration;
  • attentiveness.

Also, a painter must know the features and properties of a wide variety of building materials, paints, and mixtures, have the skills to work with special equipment and painting tools, understand all the dangers of direct contact with paints and varnishes and chemicals that are harmful to health.

The Benefits Of Being A Painter

The main advantage of the profession of a painter is its relevance and internationality. The services of painters are always needed everywhere, so such specialists can easily find work far beyond its borders. It should be noted that, based on which painters are educated in educational institutions, the training program, as a rule, provides for obtaining parallel education in other construction specialties. Most often, painters have the opportunity, already in the process of work, to choose the specialty that is closest or better paid to them.

Another undoubted advantage of this profession is the possibility of earning additional income. Indeed, in addition to performing work duties at the main place of work, a painter can provide services privately to the extent that he can and wants to perform.

Disadvantages Of The Profession Of A Painter

Speaking about the disadvantages of a painter’s profession, it is necessary to note the harmful working conditions. Therefore, this work is categorically contraindicated for people prone to allergic reactions and diseases of the respiratory system, digestive and cardiovascular systems. Even a healthy person working as a painter runs the risk of acquiring a kiss “bouquet” of chronic diseases, especially if he neglects safety measures.

Another disadvantage of this profession is the rather low (especially compared with harmful working conditions) level of remuneration. On average, a qualified painter working in a large city receives about 20-30 thousand rubles. Naturally, in the outback, the salaries of such specialists are even lower. At the same time, quite often, customers seek to save on materials and therefore purchase paints and varnishes of not the highest quality, further increasing the risk of deteriorating the health of painters. Also, it should be noted that the painter spends almost all his working time on his feet, and sometimes in a very uncomfortable position.